SAMtools Primer is now out

- Ethan Cerami

My tutorial, SAMtools: A Primer is now available online. My hope is that the primer eases some of the “information pain” usually associated with learning next-generation sequence analysis. To that end, the primer is completely self-contained — you only need to install SAMtools, and the tutorial section walks you through a complete next-generation sequence analysis work-flow.

Samtools, the Swiss Army knife of next-gen sequencing. Image source: Wikipedia

Sample data sets are provided on the companion github repository, and a short glossary is also included at the end of the document.

If you identify any errors or have suggestions for improving the primer, I would love to hear from you. Just drop me an email at: cerami AT

August, 2013 Update: The Primer now has a new section where you can immediately post feedback and questions. Thanks for all the feedback so far!

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